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2018 Husky A-1C 180 - NexGA

Reg# N302WY
Serial# 3302
Price SOLD!
Total Time 50
Contact Information
Name: William Byrd
Office Number: 336-256-9905
Mobile Number: 919-475-6488

Aircraft Details
Interior: Nutmeg Oregon Aero Leather
Exterior: Rally Bright White & Fire Engine Red

Brand New 2018 Husky A-1C 180 Factory Demonstrator. Loaded up with the 29″ Tundra Tires and Baby Bushwheel Tail Wheel. Hartzell Trailblazer composite prop, Advanced VFR package, RH/LH Aft Stowage Access, ADS-B In and Out, LED Landing Lights with Wigwag lights. 2018 Model Featuring the New Elevator Trim System, Removable Rear Seat and Control Stick, Articulating and Adjustable Front Seat. Call Today for More Info or to Schedule a Demo. Slots Available for Custom Husky Orders.


G796 Touch Screen GPS
MVP-50 Digital Engine Monitor
Digital Attitude Indicator
Intercomm PM3000
Garmin GTX 345, ADSB In & Out / Traffic / Weather
Power Port Receptacle
Bose Harness Stereo


Cooling Lip
STC B&C Oil Filter
Side Baggage Compartment Kit
Rear Seat Heat and Defrost
RH/LH AFT Stowage Access
Hartzell Trailblazer Propeller
LED Taxi/Landing
Wigwag Lights
29” Tundra Tires
• Oregon Aero® Ergonomic, 16G Energy Impact Absorbing
Lumbar and Side Support Seat Cushion
• Complete Electrical System (14 Volt DC) with
70 Amp Alternator
• 22 Amp-Hour Battery, Starter, Amp Meter and
Circuit Breakers
• Complete Lighting System with Landing Lights,
Navigation Lights, Strobe Lights, Instrument Lights
and Included ELT
• Complete Flight and Engine Instruments with Sensitive
Altimeter, Air Speed Indicator, Magnetic Compass, Digital
Tachometer, Oil Temperature and Pressure Gauge, Manifold
Pressure and Cylinder Head Temperature Gauges
• 60% Span Semi-Fowler Flaps: 10°, 20°, 30° Settings
• Upswept Wingtips
• High-Capacity Cabin Heater
• Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes Toe Operated, Parking Brake
• Front Seat Inertia Reel with Five Point Harness
• Tie-Down Fittings
• Fuel Quantity Sight Gauges
• Dual Push-to-Talk Switches
• Sliding Photo Window
• Complete Corrosion Proofing (Minimum 7 Coatings)
• Metal Cabin and Belly Fuselage Panel
• DuPont™ Ceconite® Fabric Covering
• Proprietary Urethane Paint System
• Shock Dampened Landing Gear
• Control Stick Cover
• Adjustable Front Seat
• Removeable Rear Seat
• Elevator Trim Tab

Engine, Performance, and Airframe Data:
Engine Lycoming O-360 180HP, Cooling Lip, STC B&C Oil Filter
Propeller Hartzell Trailblazer 80" Composite Prop
TBO 2000
Length 22' 7"
Height 7' 5"
Wingspan 35' 6"
Wing Area 183 sqft
Max Fuel 50 Usable
Oil Capacity 8 qts

Weight Data
Take Off Weight (Max) 2250 Lbs.
Ramp Weight (Mex) 2250 Lbs.
Empty Weight (Approx) 1320 Lbs.
Useful Load (Approx) 930 Lbs.
Landing Weight (Max) 2250 Lbs.
Baggage Weight (Max) 50 Lbs.

Speed Data
Vo Max. Operating Man. Speed KIAS
V FE Max. Flap Extended Speed (Full Flaps) KIAS
V FE1 Max. Takeoff Flap Extended Speed KIAS
V NO Max. Structural Cruising Speed KIAS
V NE Never Exceed Speed KIAS
V SO Stall Speed in Landing Config. KIAS
V S1 Stall Speed (Takeoff Flaps) KIAS
V SN Stall Speed (No Flaps) KIAS

Cruise Data
Maximum Cruising Speed 140 MPH
Max. Range
(@ Best Performance)
500 Miles
Max. Range
(@ Best Economy)
800 Miles

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