About NexGA Aircraft Inc.

NexGA Aircraft, Inc., formerly known as Columbia Resale, Inc. is an independent aircraft sales company focused on selling the latest generation pre-flown aircraft for the General Aviation community. With experience in aircraft sales ranging from trainer aircraft through corporate jets, NexGA is uniquely qualified to assist in aircraft acquisition, brokerage and management for pilots as they move from a training aircraft through the light jet market.

Experience You Can Trust

NexGA has the most sales experience in the industry for selling certified Lancair/ Columbia/ Corvalis 300 350 & 400 aircraft. Our Sales Associates were responsible for almost 30% of all certified Lancair / Columbia’s sold between 2001 and 2008. We also specialize and have extensive experience with Cirrus, Late Model Cessna & Piper, Diamond and Liberty aircraft.

Specialized and Personalized Service

NexGA Aircraft specializes in the resale market of the latest generation aircraft including Columbia/Corvalis, Cirrus, Late Model Cessna, Piper & Mooney, Diamond, and Liberty market. NexGA takes trades, buys, sells and brokers pre-flown next generation aircraft within our market of expertise.Our team at NexGA provides the most services, most comprehensive marketing approach and works the hardest to give you and your aircraft the personal attention it deserves to sell your aircraft or help you find your next one. From marketing the aircraft including the use of high quality informative video tours to after sales services including our always accompioned training from a factory trained instructor, this full service approach is what sets NexGA Aircraft apart from the rest. Call us if you are in the market to purchase or sell a Next Generation General Aviation Aircraft. continue

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