Options For Sell Your Aircraft

As an aircraft owner you have three basic options when you choose to sell your airplane. You can

  1. Sell your airplane yourself.
  2. Sell or trade your airplane to a Dealer.
  3. Select an Aircraft Broker to sell your airplane.

We will explore each of these options realistically with you, suggest why you should select a quality broker to market your aircraft, and finally suggest why NexGA Aircraft, Inc. will do the best job for you if you own a Next Generation airplane.
Aircraft Brokerage “Let the Seller Beware”: In the USA anyone can sell an airplane. You do not have to have any special training or even a special license to sell an airplane. Anyone with a desk and a telephone can bill themselves as an Aircraft Broker with or without experience or a dealers license and sell an airplane. Like any other business there are excellent brokers and there are those that you should avoid. There are also those who may mean well but who do not have the experience to know what they are doing. Unlike other similar businesses like real estate the Aircraft Brokerage Business is totally unregulated. A broker that does not know what he is doing can often cost you a lot of money and leave you with an expensive learning experience.