Why Choose NexGA Aircraft, Inc.

We invite you to measure us by the same standards you would measure any dealer or broker. You may have your own list of standards, but here are a few we would encourage you to examine:


NexGA Aircraft is one of the only dealers to specialize in Columbia/Corvalis aircraft. We have the most experience selling pre-owned Columbia/Corvalis, Cirrus, Late Model Cessna & Piper and Liberty aircraft. We provide more value for your dollar than anyone else.
The president of NexGA Aircraft, Inc., George Johnson has over 35 years experience selling airplanes. Our reputation in the industry has buyers and sellers coming to us when they are involved in buying or selling a new generation aircraft. We have subscribers to our newsletter and social media outlets who want to be notified of every airplane we get prior to it hitting the market.

Competitive Advantages


NexGA Aircraft, Inc. does more advertising than any other company specializing in Next Generation Aircraft. We keep our ads and marketing efforts updated by using the latest state of the art marketing methods including this web page, email marketing, online aircraft marketplaces, and social media. At NexGA Aircraft we do several things the competition does not do. One example is our YouTube video tours, these video tours have helped us cut the average time to sell an airplane in half. See an example below of an airplane we recently sold

Full Service Approach

If we are allowed to keep your airplane in Greensboro, NC we will keep it hangared and detailed at our expense. We also exercise the airplane on a regular schedule to make sure it is ready to show and demo. We take care of all demo expenses.
We do more advertising than the average dealer and unlike a broker, we are a dealer which means that we can facilitate and take trades. This gives your airplane access to more potential buyers. We take quality photos for our ads. We also copy and scan all your logbooks so we can send logbook copies of the airplane out by email to potential buyers.
We have a new “state of the art” facility that was built in 2008. Our location on the Piedmont Triad International Airport – Greensboro, NC allows potential buyers easy access to our aircraft via schedule airlines.
We have active buyers for Next Generation aircraft such as Columbia and Cirrus aircraft.
We provide all these services out of our standard brokerage fees.


Since we specialize in New Generation Aircraft like Columbia/Corvalis, Late Model Cessna & Piper and Cirrus aircraft we know the market better than anyone. We put our money where our mouth is by buying these aircraft for our inventory. Our professional sales consultants are trained on how to present and demonstrate the aircraft.

Transition Training

To add even more value we provide the buyer with our Columbia/Corvalis, Cirrus, Diamond, Etc. School out of our commission. This is a 10+ hour ground and flight school taught in his new airplane after he takes delivery. This allows us to get a higher price compared to an airplane without the school and makes the customer feel comfortable dealing with us. Our School also protects you and us from liability because the new buyer is completely checked out before he flies away in his new airplane, so we know he is safe.


Creativity is very hard to quantify, however, if you look at this web page, our advertising, and talk with our customers you will get a feel for what we can do for you. We have our own web page plus web pages with several other aircraft advertising sources. Due to our extensive advertising our web pages get thousands of hits every day. We generally advertise in the following written and online publications:

  • Trade-A-Plane
  • The Controller
  • Aircraft Shopper Online
  • Global Air
  • Plane Fax
  • Aviation Marketplace
  • Aircraft Dealers Network
  • FlightlineSales.com
  • Aircraft Dealer.com
  • AirplaneMart.com

NexGA Aircraft, Inc. has an email newsletter that prospective buyers can subscribe to in order to get immediate notification of new aircraft as soon as they become available and generally before they hit the market. (Sign up here if you wish to be notified when an aircraft is listed.) We also have a company newsletter we send out on a regular basis to keep prospective buyers informed about our new listings and featured aircraft for sale.

Personal Service

Most importantly we will work the hardest to sell your aircraft at the best possible price. We do more than the average dealer to sell your aircraft and give you and your aircraft the personal attention it deserves. Next Generation aircraft such as Columbia/Corvalis, Cirrus and Late Model Cessna & Piper are our specialty and we have the largest customer base seeking this aircraft. We are dedicated to personal service and attention to detail, think of us as marketing experts who will report to you regularly, like a staff member that works on straight commission, without salary, without benefits, and doesn’t mind that he will be laid off when the airplane sells. You have the benefit of years of experience working for you, experience you couldn’t hire in any other manner for so short a time period.

No one has a better marketing strategy or can do the job better than NexGA Aircraft when it comes to selling your aircraft.

Contact us today to get started.